Friends Only

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How did you find my journal or how do you know me?
Why should I add you?
What do we have in common?
Are you tolerant?

Misanthropic people and Misogynistic guys fuck off.
Sexist, Racist and Classist people fuck off.
1337 speakers and typers fuck off.
Ignorant and arrogant people can fuck off

I will only add people who fill out the form.
I will only add people who have in the subject line of the Comment as “The Black Beads your Biting”.
If you don’t like what I write…then De friend or don’t bother with me
If you don’t have anything in common with me then I probably won’t add you
What is written here stays here…If I find out otherwise you can seriously fuck off

There are certain people I don't want reading this...I made it friends only for a reason...I have been FO on LJ for almost three years...and it won't change...there are certain things that I want kept exclusive...especially when they can be misunderstood.